Huge bodybuilder Gil flexes in his underwear
Gil flexes his huge muscle assGil fondels his cock in his underwear
Huge bodybuilder Gil Dela Cruz in a towelGil shows off his smooth muscle ass in the shower

This time around Muscle Hunks presents a dude that is so ripped that I am left to wonder does this guy have ANY fat cells or water in his system at all? If you were to touch him, would you like chip a nail or if you bumped into him, would you like fall on your ass or knock yourself out? I wouldn't mind that at all if this fucker quickly turned me over, pants me then fucked me "roid rage" style like I just cut him off in traffic!

Seeing Gil Dela Cruz pose and stroke his pretty nice dick will totally sprout a boner in your shorts. I'm liking what we're seeing in this corner. You, yeah, you with the hard butt, ripplin abs and sticky drippin cock. You're in VIP and its only you and me. Oh, yes, we have plenty booze and all you need is some spit. Muscle stroking is in order for you here with this hunk.

Huge ripped body builder Gil licks his bicep
Gil reaches into his pants

Gil is so massive I feel I am falling to him

Huge muscle stud Gil Dela Cruz Gil plays with his precum

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