Tag/Concept: Leather Men

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  • leather man (singular)

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BBBH: Bottoms - How about some rough, doggy style barebacking? I’m sure that’s what your ass needs for tonight, hm?

BBBH: Daddy’s going to show that hairy jock how to fuck a man, and you bet he’s going to love it. All the way to the last inch. ;)

BBBH: Rough is the best only way to fuck a bottom! Just look at that jock! Bursting at the seams with pleasure! Fucking hot!

BBBH: Some daddies love nothing more than a thick, lubed cock drilling their holes. Tops - Wouldn’t you love to fill one up?

BBBH: Fuck yeah! I’d take all the loads from a muscled hunk like that, no questions asked, no holes barred! Woof!

BBBH: Leather daddies are always down to fuck. Raw, rough and deep, they know how to make a pig squeal for dick. ;)

BBBH: Pigs like that were born to get fucked. Now, oink for your master and his large cock. ;)

BBBH: Nobody fucks like a hung daddy bear in heat. Raw, rough and deep, they’ll fill any slut full and give seconds. ;)

BBBH: That daddy’s really rocking those leather chaps. Sluts can’t help but lifting and spreading up for leather daddies like that. ;)

BBBH: Restrained, gagged and dominated, living your kinky fantasy to the fullest. What’s your kinky fantasy?

BBBH: Bottoms - Think you’re submissive? Then you’ll love getting handled and fucked by leather daddies. Fuck yeah. ;)

BBBH: Want a hot, rough fuck? Look no further than raunchy, horny leather daddies. They’ll make an eager moaning pig out of you. ;)

BBBH: Leather studs sure love their orgies, perfect to fuck raw, rough and with no strings but a pleasurable fuck. ;)

BBBH: Wonder how many hot loads that ass will take before the day ends? ;)

BBBH: This barman sure knows how to please his patrons, one inch at a time, deep hard and bareback ;)

BBBH: I’d like a horny cock slut on the rocks, eager and raw ;)

BBBH: With that many hot daddies around, that bottom couldn’t resist throwing his legs up into the air, hot! ;)

BBBH: Everybody gets a turn, doesn’t mean you can’t get some eye candy though ;)