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Ross Hurston, Axel Ryder and Trojan Rock cook up a hot, gourmet meal in this steamy 3-way scene at!

When preparing a hot meal such as this, you start with a hefty order of hunk porn star, producer, and muscle daddy Trojan Rock. Then you add a dash of bottom man Ross Hurston and stir with a big Axel Ryder's big dick. It's a horny recipe for hairy, beefy guys who like to savor some good meat juice while sucking cock.

While that part of the dish is simmering, daddy Trojan kicks it up a notch with some hot ass rimming. Talk about sampling as you cook! He deep tongues Ross Hurston as if he were stuffing a pair of butterfly pork chops.

After Hurston has been tongue-basted, Trojan is then ready to truly stuff some hole and pound some meat! Both he and Ryder take turns stuffing the hungry Hurston until they complete the delicious recipe with some good, old fashioned cum-basting.

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