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With no time to waste, they move to an office where things heat up even more. The two kissing men are all over each other and suddenly buttons fly when Dillon literally rips open Junior's dress shirt to expose his super hot muscular hairy chest. Folks, that shirt ripping is one of the hottest, sexiest moments in the movie - and there's lots more. The reaction of Junior is so real that you can watch him slide right into ecstasy. Dillon Buck is all over that gorgeous hairy chest and then uses a tie to bind Junior's hands behind himself. Now down again on goes Junior on Dillon's thick hard cock. The two hairy hunks get naked and Junior takes his place laying across a desk, yearning to be fucked. They sixty nine each other, and then Dillon drives his tongue up Junior Stellano with a good ass rimming. Slowly Dillon feeds his hard cock deep into Junior's hairy ass to give him a long hard fuck. Who wouldn't want Dillon's meaty thick cock, and who wouldn't want a tattooed muscle hunk as sexy and sweet as Junior Stellano in the first place!