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Muscular Boyfriends Fuck After Dinner

May 26, 2014

After dinner blowjobGuys in suits doing oral sex
Ivo Kerk getting fucked bareback while eating a banana
Beefy boyfriend butt getting boned bareback

I’ve always thought that Kristen Bjorn has one of the most unique and creative scenes out there, and this one definitely lives up to the site’s reputation. Muscle jock David Smetak and young Ivo Kerk are sure to give us a scene to remember!

The set-up is a romantic dinner after a long day at the office, but you can tell by their hungry, lustful looks that food isn’t the only thing they’ll be having. When it’s time for dessert, David gets on top of the table to feed his raging hard cock to Ivo, who is happy to savor his lover’s cock with gusto. After fucking his mouth to his heart’s content they decide it’s time to move to the main course. David starts working his cock up his lover’s fuck-hole and you can see just how much Ivo’s loving it. Missing the feeling of David’s cock down his throat, he proceeds to suggestively devour a banana while his lover pounds hard into his asshole. As it gets more intense, Ivo gets on his back and starts jerking his cock off while David hits all the right spots deep inside, making his lover’s cock erupt in a messy climax followed by David’s own hot load as his cock gets milked inside Ivo’s wet asshole.

Watching David Smetak’s lean muscles flex as he pounds merrily inside Ivo’s ass is a sight to enjoy and the entire scene is just too much! Watch the whole thing and other fantastic scenes like this at!

Boyfriends David and Ivo fucking after dinner
Close up of musuclar guys barebacking.

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Sand, Sun & Abs

August 08, 2011

Alex Westfalen naked on a dune

This ripped stud is hotter than that desert!

Alex Westfalen naked in the sun

We have another stunning example of 0% body-fat  Manifest Men this week.

His name is Alex Westfallen, and he is offering up every inch of his beautiful ripped body for our close personal inspection. This slim body builder offers a brilliant example of just how good mature muscle can look. Can you blame him for showing of his hard flat pecs, his chiseled abs, smoking hot ass or that uncut cock that screams worship me ? Watching this guy strut his stuff in the desert heat made me wonder if coconut butter makes a good lube.

This stud's close ups are so hot you can almost smell it at

Hot masculine musclar guy on a sand dune
Muscle man climbing up a sand dune

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Masculine Hunk With Hard Muscles Is Fucked

April 16, 2011

Zach plays with Jorge's nipple with his tongueZach Ellias and Jorge Ballantinos shirtless
Jorge sucks on Zach's massive cock
Zach sucks on Jorge's dick before fucking his hole

Probably one of the best DVDs to come from the fuckers over at Alpha Male Fuckers in the UK is their feature that not only shows off the hot men from around London, but they threw in one hot little fucker from New York who is now rumored to have moved to Los Angeles and a behind the scenes look at the infamous HustlaBall. This is one of those flicks everyone should have in their collection. I have two.

To give you a taste of what hotness you will see in this movie, let me introduce you to Jorge Ballantinos and Zack Elias. Two really sexy European muscle fuckers. Zack gets really happy when he wraps his mouth around the enormously long and thick dick hanging from in between Jorge's legs. Offering his tantalizing bubble ass for the having, Jorge dives in 'head' first into Zach's beautiful hole. Check out their scene, then order self a copy TODAY!

Zach forces Jorge down on his fat cock

Jorge is just like me, he likes chorizo

Zach plays with Jorge's beefy hairy ass
Zack sticks his big dick into Jorge's slicked up open hole

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Furry Inked Hunk Nailed By Smooth Stud

April 06, 2011

Hot scruffy Aitor Crash shirtless
Toby and Aitor show off their cocks.Scruffy Aitor and smooth Toby with hard cocks out

One of the hottest studios in Europe, hands down is  UK Naked Men. The have always found sexy and talented newbies to the industry and successfully paired them up together or with veterans. In ether case, each scene is chock full of testosterone driven man sex down to its carnal core. When we see their submissions in our inbox, we instantly know we are about to see one steamy sex scene!

What do you think will happen when you put two sexy Hispanic hunks like Aitor Crash and Toby Park together? No, they are not going to discuss Paella recepies. They are going to whip out their fat uncut cocks, stroke their foreskin covered dicks to full attention and then get down to doing what hot blooded men do... FUCK! Aitor is an expert versatile performer! Here is your chance to see these two in action, GO!

Aitor and Toby show off their uncut dicks.
Aitor bites down hard on Toby's buttToby's hole is open  for fucking
toby nails aitor hard and deep in the bushes.

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A Strong And Sexy Corporate Merger

March 07, 2011

Rick and Christian seduce Rob NelsonRob Nelson plays with Christian Alexander's beefy ass
Rob Nelson shows off Christains Alexander's smooth muscle assRob Nelson tongues a smooth beefy muscle ass

Nothing Like A Tasty Meal Of Muscle Ass!

Rick Bauer forces Rob Nelson's tongue deeper into Christian's smooth muscle ass

Welcome to Men At Play's dirty little secret. The seduction of a sugar daddy by his would be boy. I think we all at one point or another wished we had a sugar daddy around to take care of us so we could finish our degree at university or cover the rent when times are tough and you're short a few hundred bucks. When we fantasize about having a sugar daddy, its more like giving up my hole any time any where and living the good life.

In this latest from the studio who likes their fine italian tailored suites, we are treated to three of the hottest men in the business, Rick Bauer, Christian Alexander and Rob Nelson. Rick his long awaited return to Menatplay and tries to seduce his sugar daddy with present by way of the incredibly sexy and hung Rob Nelson. You will love watching Rob's face while he fucks tight holes. You should totally get a membership today!

Rick Bauer fucking Robs ass while he makes out with ChristainChristain Alexander getting his smooth muscle ass plowed while sucking cock
Rob Nelson getting his ass fucked by Rick while pounding Christian's ass

That's what I call a corporate merger!

Rob Nelson fucks Christain Alexander on the desk while Rick Bauer tongues his smooth hole
Rick strokes his uncut cock while Rob fucks Christan's ass

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