Tag/Concept: Smooth

When someone doesn't have body hair. Ideally naturally hairless, but also applies to shaved skin.

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HotNakedMuscle: Oiled muscle looks so hot, Don’t you want to cope a feel? ;)

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HotNakedMuscle: That’s my kind of party

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HotNakedMuscle: Fucking hot! Beautiful muscle hunk!

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HotNakedMuscle: Hot chocolate. Mesmerizing, isn’t it?

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HotNakedMuscle: Meet you in the locker room, fag

Jake And Zander's Sleepover
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HotNakedMuscle: Fucking beautiful, I love this pic so much!

HotNakedMuscle: A big reason to smile about

HotNakedMuscle: Like the view?

HotNakedMuscle: Fucking gorgeous

HotNakedMuscle: Tattooed muscle is so damn sexy don’t you think?

HotNakedMuscle: Fucking beautiful, what do you think its his beast feature? His back? His ass? His arms? Everything?

HotNakedMuscle: Like what you see?

HotNakedMuscle: Woof Woof!

HotNakedMuscle: That cock looks so damn hot! He’s so fucking beautiful don’t you think?

HotNakedMuscle: Looks inviting enough, would you go for it? That’s a lot of man to love…

HotNakedMuscle: Few things are hotter than a muscular back

HotNakedMuscle: Imagine being stranded in a tropical island with these two?