Tag/Concept: Huge Dicks

An really penis (bigger than just a "big dick"). This tends to be more about length, where monster cocks are about both length and girth.

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Phrases w/ Same Meaning
  • huge dick (singular)
  • huge cock
  • XL Hung Guys
Asses Lined Up For Black Dick
5:00, 71K views,
12 ratings, 👍 92%

HotNakedMuscle: The cock justifies the smug smirk

Honorio And Josue 69 And Fuck
5:00, 25K views,
2 ratings, 👍 50%
Daemon's Ass Spread By Tyler's Dick
5:00, 57K views,
14 ratings, 👍 89%

HotNakedMuscle: Fuck. Like… fuck. Can’t stop staring

Fucked Raw In Dungeon Room
5:00, 63K views,
14 ratings, 👍 82%

HotNakedMuscle: I love that sexy smug look in his eyes, goes nicely with his huge cock don’t you think?

Hot Guy Takes Huge Big Black Cock
3:42, 148K views,
31 ratings, 👍 81%

HotNakedMuscle: Holy fuck

Big Black Stud On Santiago's Hole
5:00, 37K views,
10 ratings, 👍 80%

HotNakedMuscle: Thickness. Impressive cock!

Black Dick For Hairy Raw Ass
5:00, 49K views,
13 ratings, 👍 77%

HotNakedMuscle: Contagious smile, can you look at him and not smile?

Terry Loo Jerks His Monster Cock
5:05, 16K views,
2 ratings, 👍 100%

HotNakedMuscle: Did he make you smile? ;)

HotNakedMuscle: That cock, holy fuck

HotNakedMuscle: Great body, amazing dick!

HotNakedMuscle: Holy fuck.

HotNakedMuscle: Fucking gorgeous

HotNakedMuscle: I love this pic so fucking much

HotNakedMuscle: Working on that sexy tan

HotNakedMuscle: Wanna ride?

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HotNakedMuscle: That cock is too damn hot!