Tag/Concept: Hair On The Top Of The Head

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  • head hair (singular)
Muscular jock being bred by Brandon Hawk
5:10, 145K views,
43 ratings, 👍 88%

HotNakedMuscle: Inked men look so sexy! Twice so with that towering cock of his. ;)

Twink Got His Legs Spread For Raw Cock
5:10, 10K views,
3 ratings, 👍 67%
Chad Brock Services Two Big Uncut Meats
4:04, 54K views,
33 ratings, 👍 85%

HotNakedMuscle: Were it yours, wouldn’t you admire it too? ;)

Draven Torres Takes On Big Daddy
5:00, 52K views,
10 ratings, 👍 55%
5:10, 24K views,
13 ratings, 👍 85%

HotNakedMuscle: He’s so fucking hot!

Erik Takes Lukas' Hole For Himself
4:16, 49K views,
13 ratings, 👍 8%
Alberto And Lawrence Fist One Another
5:10, 28K views,
15 ratings, 👍 83%

HotNakedMuscle: Who needs a gym when you can do nude pull-ups from a tree?

Damon Blowing America
6:00, 53K views,
15 ratings, 👍 23%
5:10, 74K views,
21 ratings, 👍 81%

HotNakedMuscle: Usually I’m not a big fan of long hair, but it looks great on big, solid muscle guys!

Raunchy Twink On Punk
6:00, 27K views,
13 ratings, 👍 15%
Three Fist Piggies Get Dirty
5:59, 23K views,
18 ratings, 👍 81%

BBBH: Daddy sluts love rough tops, big dicks and messy loads. This one went for the full package with that black stallion on top. ;)

Dr Fist Gives It To Matthias
5:10, 24K views,
14 ratings, 👍 75%

BBBH: Would you rather breed that skinhead jock or take the tan stud’s load? Choosing both is also an option ;) ?

BBBH: Not only is the white boy in pure ecstasy, but just look at how much the hairy dude’s lusting for his turn, perhaps even for harder dick. Fuck yeah! ;)

BBBH: These hunks couldn’t wait getting back to camp before having some raw fun in the woods. Good thing the top brought some toys to prep the slut. ;)

BBBH: Showering together with such a sexy stud, that bottom couldn’t help but bend over and present his ass for some heavy duty barebacking. ;)

BBBH: Fuck yeah! I’d take all the loads from a muscled hunk like that, no questions asked, no holes barred! Woof!

BBBH: Just look at that bottom’s moan in bliss, and that dick is nowhere near to being balls deep. Bitch’s in for a rough ride. ;)

BBBH: Bottoms can’t get enough black dick in their asses. Twink or bear, they crave for it, balls deep, spreading them up. ;)

BBBH: Bottoms are meant to be fucked hard, deep and rough. Especially since they love getting their hole filled. ;)

BBBH: That bottom might be in pain now, but give it a few more thrusts. He’ll be wet, begging, moaning for more of that monster cock in him. ;)

BBBH: Tops - How raunchy do you like your bottoms? Innocent, shy twinks or cock-hungry leather pigs?

BBBH: If you’re gonna rim a hole, you’d better go in deep and hungry, eating it all out. ;)

BBBH: Every slave loves a deep, rough fuck by his dominant master. Bet you would love to get bred just as hard, hm?