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Muscle Bound Stud Is Tied And Nailed

April 30, 2011

Neil Stevens watches hairy Axel Brooks pose
Axel Brooks licks Neil Steven's shoes while he massages his uncut dickAxel Brooks sucking suited Neil Steven's cock

What a nice piece of... furniture!

Neil Stevens uses Axel Brooks as a naked human coffee table

Sometimes the BOSS expects a lot from his staff. Men At Play are no different when it comes to what they expect of theirs too. As a matter of fact, thanks to this unique studio and their sexy office vignettes, we now have a boy here at the loft who's job it is to do what ever needs doing. From running errands, picking up office supplies, answering the phones, wearing heels, suckin our cocks... he's one of the best assistants we have EVER had and he's about to get a raise. Shhh, don't tell him.

In this scene starring Axel Brooks and Neil Stevens, we are treated to what a high powered mogul gets his needs met after a long day at the office dealing with incompetent staff, a directionless driver and bumper to bumper traffic. Its all about servicing your master with a smile. But, do not give him any lip unless you want to get a throat full of cock. Which reminds me... oh, office boy... come hither. While I unload, Log on there and watch how it's done and done right!

Neil plays with tied up Axels hard cock
Neil Stevents examines Axels hot assNeil Stevens contemplates the fun he is going to have with Axel Brooks
Tied up Axel Brooks takes Neil Steven's cock to the hilt

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Muscular Brazilian Stud Is Fucked By Beefy White Man

April 28, 2011

Collin and Roderigo naked on the couch together
Collin and Roderigo stroke together on the couch
Collin works the head of Roderigo's fat cock

You have to give it to Collin O'Neal and his World Of Men. Here is a guy who has literally traveled all over the planet to find the hottest men to fuck and/or record fucking for our enjoyment. I would say he is one of the guys in the industry who really gets it and knows what the fans are looking for and WANT to see in their smut. Sure, others deliver hot shit to shoot loads to but it can be a bit tiring after a while when all you wanna see is two guys who look like "you" doin it.

Collin and his sexy mocha friend Rodrigo Beckmann really heat up the screen in a way that reminds me of the hot dude from the hood that use to come over to my place after school and fuck my lights out. If i didn't know any better, I'd say this is him but he's been in prison for years and ain't gettin out any time soon. This big dark Brazilian fucker know loves to take cock up his poop-shoot and he is not faking it at all! Feel free to spread your cheeks along with the boys NOW!

Collin ready to pound Roderigo's ass
Beefy furry Collin O'Neal ready to fuck a hot black ass
Collin feeds his cock to Roderigo

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Latin Hunk Nails Jock In The Barn

April 10, 2011

Damien on his knees sucking Antton's cock
Damien and Antton naked with hard dicksDamien plays with Antton's smooth tight hole

Once upon a time when the Hatfields and McCoys ruled their section of the wild west, there was some seriously hot action going on in the  Rear Stable. Cousin humping against cousin! Dirty gritty sex in the barn, out in the field, and the watering hole, a fantastic adventure to watch. We have two copies of this multiple award winning Raging Stallion epic here, under lock and key I might add. I can't tell you how many times I busted the receptionist trying to sneak it out of the office.

To the Last Man, Gathering Storm is one of those major porn releases that features an R rated version with brilliant acting chops by the entire cast! In this scene with Antton Harri and Damien Crosse, their work environment is way too hot to complete their task at hand with clothes on. The sweat is dripping off both studs. Before you know it, Damien has his cock piston fucking Antton. Keep an eye out for Damien's solo with a bottle of Jack Daniels. It's legendary. In the meantime, watch these stable boys go all naturale!

Antton getting fucked from behind by Damien
Damine ready to ride Antton's smooth ass
Damien Cross plows Antton's ass in the barnAntton Hari getting his ass plowed in the barn

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Muscular Studs Fucking By The Pool

February 24, 2011

Dean Monroe, Devin Draz, and John Magnum in briefs with hard ons
Dean and Devin kiss while John sucks Devin's cock

I don't want to skip geometry anymore

Three hot muscle boys sucking each others cocks

If I were Dan Monroe and I got fucked by John Magnum and Devin Draz I would tell the powers that be at Cocksure Men to let us do it again for my own personal library! Who the fuck over there got the bright idea to put these three hot and legendary MEN of porn in the same room together and the presence of mind to film what happens?! We want to know so we can suck your fucking cock! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!

It is true that these three guys are indeed porn legend IN their prime. The story goes like this... Dean Monroe makes his way across this pond to the ranch where he meets up with Devin and John for a three-way. They start off by getting into a cock sucking triangle where everyone gets some head. I won't spoil the entire scene, but Dean is the first to get bend over and gets stuffed by.... you're just gonna have to click here to see who fucks Dean first!

Dean and John getting their cocks serviced by Devin DrazDevin gets his ass fucked deep by Dean
John inserts his cock into Devin's ass while he fucks Dean
John and Davin shoot their nut on Dean's face
Dean Monroe's face covered in hot cum

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Muscular Studs Get Wet And Sleazy

February 20, 2011

Race Copper sucking Drake Jayden's cock, covered in his piss

Delicious abs covered in salty liquids. I'd like some

Inked Drake sucking Race's fat cock in a bathroom

ROCK! Two of our favorite fetishes... multiracial boys fucking each other and lots of piss! The freakazoids over at Fetish Force brought together two of the hottest men in porn for us to swoon over and wish we could drink every drop of their water fountains. We wonder if the legendary Tony Buff was behind this little diddy since joining the Raging Stallion team. Either way, its fuckin hot and we want more!

If you have ever met Race Cooper, you know she's one psycho biotch and all around great guy! And if you have ever met the nasty cute Drake Jayden, you know he's soft spoke and walks with a big stick! On screen he's got a big presence. His performances in everything we have seen is award worthy. Race, to his credit is one of the hottest black men in the industry and doesn't get enough camera time if you ask us! You have to see these two fuck and piss all over the place. Its popcorn, twizzlers and all Fetish, now GO!

Race Copper tongues Drake's tight young ass
Drake Jayden pisses on Race Copper's hot ass

Bring it on, DADDY! Give me all you can give

Race Copper drinks piss from Drakes cockDrake Jayden spits out a stream of Race's piss
Drake Jayden sucking Race's fat cock in a bathroom

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