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Tag/Concept: Oral Bottoms

A cocksucker

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  • oral bottom (singular)

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OralPig: Makes your mouth water, doesn’t it?

OralPig: Addicted to big cocks, one is never enough

OralPig: He looks like he can’t get enough of that dick, can you blame him?

OralPig: Don’t forget to be a good slut and thank the stranger that let you suck his dick

OralPig: Fucking his slutty throat!

OralPig: Kiss the tip

OralPig: Clean-up will be fun ;)

OralPig: Never forget eye contact, cocksucking 101

OralPig: Just rub it all over ;)

OralPig: Working hard for that promotion!

OralPig: Dripping down to his hairy chest… so fucking hot!

OralPig: Teasing the tip

OralPig: Double the pleasure, gotta love bearded cocksuckers!

OralPig: Top or bottom?

OralPig: Stop pouting and suck that dick!

OralPig: Intensify the taste, use a blindfold while you suck cock!

OralPig: That’s my kind of party!

OralPig: Few things better than a big black cock poking out of a gloryhole. Makes your mouth water?