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L.A. Zombie is a hardcore zombie splatter/gore porn movie. It exists in softcore and hardcore versions. This VOD site shows only the hardcore version, called ’LA. Zombie Hardcore‘. As the credits roll, an alien zombie creature (international porn star and model Francois Sagat) emerges from the Pacific Ocean. After getting picked up in the mountains by a surfer in a truck, a severe accident occurs that results in the surfer lying dead in the middle of the road. The alien zombie fucks the dead man back to life. When the creature leaves the scene and enters the city, it becomes increasingly unclear whether he really is an alien zombie or a schizophrenic homeless person who is suffering from delusions. Like a kind of dark saviour, the alien zombie proceeds to find various dead men in the Greater Los Angeles area - a white collar criminal, a gangbanger, a homeless junkie, a group of druga ddicted porn stars - and fuck them back to life. Finally, no longer able to take the harsh realities of L.A., the creature ultimately finds comfort in a cemetery, where he begins to dig up a fresh grave. Note: this film features safe sex.

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