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There are young guys who are starting to get into building muscle (that's all very nice) but then there's the real thing - young guys who are proper bodybuilders - like Benny Ryder over at Geez, he looks like he's just in his early 20s, but he's HUGE. Just look at the size of those quads!

Needless to say I could lick this boy from his head to his toes and it would probably take a very very long time 'cause I could get distracted on so many parts of his body... There's that line between his deltoids and his biceps/triceps... There's his huge pecs - I could suck on those for days... There's each ridge in his washboard abs. As I mentioned his quadraceps are just enormous. I'd beg him to squeeze me between his legs.

But of course I'd totally lose it with his dick and ass. I'd suck on his dick for hours - taking it all in until he gave me his load. Then I'd flip him over and suck on his ass until his hole puckered up and begged to get fucked. And what a fun fuck he'd be ;)

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