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Harry Cooper at Powermen

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This handsome hunk's muscle is lean, hard, and BIG, a combination that only a serious bodybuilder can maintain. His percentage of body fat must be incredibly low, and his vein popping hard muscle all over his body proves it. While a healthy, fit guy is around fifteen percent body fat, the lowest a bodybuilder at competition time will go is just four percent. Harry Cooper must be closer to the latter, because there's no other way to be so huge and maintain tight muscle definition everywhere, especially such ripped abs. It'd be a pleasure just to bump in to him to feel his massive muscles, let alone be wrapped up in the arms, legs and smooth muscle of this hot bodybuilder. He'd be able to straddle anyone and hold 'em down good with his thick powerful quadriceps bursting out of his thighs. Harry Cooper has another plan of attack though. His gorgeous dark features, sensuous lips, and seductive looks make him irresistible.