Muscle stud Kyle stevens smiles Sexy bodybuilder Kyle Stevens with huge muscular arms
Bodybuilder Kyle Stevens flexes his huge arm muscle

Kyle's Not Just A Muscle Boy, But Nice Too!

Muscular bodybuilder Kyle Stevens in his underwearBodybuilder Kyle Stevens in underwear showing his extremely muscular legs

It feels like Manifest Men has done more for we dirty fuckers than most any other studio had ever done when it comes to serious muscle worship. Yes, we have seen hot men come across our screen before, but when they are in top shape and ready to take on the Arnold Classic or the New York Grand Prix of bodybuilding, you gotta just stop and take notice. Like we did here with the stunning Kyle Stevens.

Watching Kyle strip out of his clothes left us stiff in the shorts when we got a look at his immaculately sculpted chest and thick as an oak tree legs. Can you imagine what this guy eats to get this big... and how often he has to fuel what looks like tons of muscle hanging off his bones? His grocery bill must be in the high $800's per month to keep that frame going from day to day. Log in here to want Kyle wash his sweaty balls!

Bodybuilder Kyle Stevens bends over to show his muscular legs and ass
Bodybuilder Kyle Stevens in the shower with soap on his muscular legsHot body builder Kyle Stevens in the shower showing his naked ass

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