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The number of hunks ready for some hot muscle wrestling action is always growing at Naked Kombat, with newcomers Troy Daniels and Derek Reynolds. Troy's extremely defined pumped hot black muscle is gorgeous. Derek is tall, light-skinned, slender and buff with strong defined pecs. It's particularly erotic to watch the two men wrestling as black muscular arms and legs wrap around a fair skinned hot male chest, groin, ass, and you name it. Literally everything here is up for grabs, as they say! The naked oil wrestling makes all of the hot muscle and color contrast stand out more. The reflective highlights of oiled up bodies pop out every bulge of male muscle. It's also at this stage when the two rivals are in their most intense struggles knotted up and sprawled across the floor.

While the muscle wrestling is serious at Naked Kombat as a rule, so is the growing sexual excitement between Troy Daniels and Derek Reynolds. Troy even gets a chance to pin down Derek while forcing his uncut cock in Derek's face. However, Derek is pronounced the winner, and as the game is played, the winner gets his turn having his way. Bringing Troy to his knees, Derek stuffs his hard black cock down Troy's throat until he's gagging. After some heavy cock sucking, Troy then gets a hard fuck he loves on his knees and back until he's begging for permission to cum.