Bary flexes his huge biceps
Barry strokes his huge cock

Usually I am not into thongs, but, how could I say No to this?

Muscle hunk Barry flexes his impressive chest and arms

Some guys can wear thongs and not look feminine in the least. Barry Marshall from is one of those guys. I mean he could walk down a public street in a thong and no one would even think the word "faggot" let alone dare to utter the word.

Barry is all man - the type most gay guys want to get fucked by - big, strong, steady, and powerful. He totally looks like the strong silent type who doesn't have to tell you twice to get on your knees. Guys would worship him without question. And with an equally powerful dick - his muscles aren't compensating for anything - he's the real deal.

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Barry teasing with his huge cock
Body builder Barry Marshall shows off his huge chest and arms
Beefy Barry Marshall shows off his beefy ass

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