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hot muscle stud A-Bomb shows off his huge arms
muscular A-Bomb Showing off his abs and armsSexy Muscular A-Bomb oiled up and tanning

Muscle worship is as old as ancient times. The statue of David, Atlas, The Thinker, all fine specimens of the perfect form. Here Manifest Men continues that tradition by way of photography to celebrate the male form. But are we celebrating it or are we simply lusting. Either way, hard sculpted muscle on a man is a true testament to one's dedication to health, fitness, vanity and in some cases, narcissism.

Narcissism for sure in this case if you want to believe this model chose the name "A-Bomb" on his own. If he did, then he is a true meat head,  no? What we like the most about this subject is how he manages the classic bodybuilding and beefcake poses. The choice in swim suit is pretty hot and really acentuates his physique. But as beautiful as he might be to some, if i saw him at a bar, well who knows. Click here for more "A-Bomb" and detonate!

Hunky bodybuilder A-Bomb flexes his arms to show huge muscles
BodyBuilder A-Bomb showing his ripped muscle bodySexy Muscular stud A-Bomb has muscles everywhere

With a model like A-Bomb, I'd take anatomy classes

sexy rough body builder A-bomb  tattoo on arm very muscularHunky body builder A-Bomb

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