park sucks on hayden's big wet dick.hayden and park kiss to heat things up before they fuck.
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Sponsor Title: Hayden Russo and Park Wiley
As hot as Hayden Russo?s first two scenes were, they were just an appetizer compared to this bareback scene with Park Wiley. As per usual Park is running at 110% but it?s his ability to draw that little extra out of his partners that really sets him apart from the other studs in our stable. For most, deep throating Hayden?s cock would be quite an accomplishment but for Park it?s just another day at the office. Just thinking of Hayden?s dick inside your ass would be a challenge but for Park...heaven. Park jumps on that monster and within no time he?s spraying a load over Hayden?s chest while still bobbing up and down. Hayden makes him pay, fucking Park as hard as he can with his bare cock. Park is sent into orgasm once again right before Hayden blows his load all over Park?s ass. Hayden isn?t finished though. He sticks it right back into Park and continues to pound away.

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Models in this scene: Hayden Russo, Park Wiley,

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park deet throats hayden's massive cock to the hilt.hayden feeds park his cock.
park has a little fun riding hayden's fat dick.
park's greedy hole opens wide to take all of hayden's massive uncut cock.

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